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What OfSTED Say About Us

OfSTED May 2017 Report

The playgroup is well led and managed. There is a strong team of adults who work effectively together to provide for the children’s individual needs.  They understand the requirements of the early years foundation stage well.

Children behave well. Staff have consistent expectations and give children clear praise for good behaviour. 

Staff engage warmly with parents and keep them fully informed about their children’s progress.  Parents contribute well to their children’s next steps in their learning


The manager and staff provide a very stimulating, easily accessible and welcoming learning environment which children thoroughly enjoy exploring. 


Staff observe children’s play and use this information to monitor their development. Any gaps in children’s learning are quickly identified and effective support is put in place.


Children practise writing their own names. They use mathematical language effectively. They are well prepared with key skills needed for school.


Safeguarding is effective. Staff work together to implement the settings routines, policies and procedures effectively.                               

March 2015 Report

Children enjoy chatting with staff and with each other. Staff promote children’s critical thinking because they ask questions, they make sure that children are given time to put their thoughts into words.

Staff use information provided by parents and their assessments to plan effectively for each child’s learning, consequently children make good progress.

Relationships between children and staff are strong.

Children are safeguarded because staff are aware of their responsibilities to protect them from abuse and neglect.  Staff successfully minimise potential risks.

Outdoor play areas within the school grounds are used effectively throughout the year to support children’s learning.  They develop skills when they use large physical play equipment and play games with balls and hoops. 

Staff  ensure that partnerships with parents are effective so that there is a consistent approach to promote children’s emotional well being.

 Children behave well and understand rules for taking turns and sharing.  Their self-confidence is boosted by staff through praise for being helpful and for their achievements.

Children are encouraged to talk about mathematical concepts and solve problems while they enjoy a range of different activities.

Mike Prince,
Sep 29, 2015, 10:47 AM
Mike Prince,
Sep 29, 2015, 10:51 AM
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Aug 16, 2017, 9:20 AM